Note: Place of Birth is not necessarily Nationality. Sorted by date of Gazette.

Source: The Register of the Victoria Cross - This England; London Gazette

CLOGSTOUN, Herbert Mackworth, Captain (later Major), 19th Madras Native Infantry, Date of Gazette: - 21 Oct 1859.  Place of Birth: Port of Spain, Trinidad. Date of Birth: 13 Jun 1820. Place of Death: Hingoli, India. Date of Death: 6 May . Account of Deed:  On 15 Jan 1859 at Chichumbah, India, Captain Clogstoun charged the rebels into the town with only eight men of his regiment, compelling them to re-enter and finally to abandon their plunder. He was severely wounded himself and lost seven out of the eight men who accompanied him. See London Gazette#22318 pg 3792

JEROME, Henry Edward, Captain(later Major General), 86th Regiment (later the Royal Irish Rifles), Date of Gazette:- 11 Nov 1859. Place of Birth:- Antigua, West Indies. Date of Birth:- 2 Feb 1830. Place of Death:- Bath, Somerset. Date of Death:- 25-Feb-01. Memorials:- Lansdown Cemetery, Bath. Town/County Connections:  Bath, Somerset. Account of Deed:   On 3 Apr 1858 at Jhansi, India, Captain Jerome, with the assistance of a private (BYRNE,James) removed under very heavy fire a lieutenant of the regiment who was severely wounded, at a very exposed point of the attack upon the Fort. He also displayed great gallantry at the Capture of the Fort of Chandairee, the storming of Jhansi and in action with a superior rebel force at Jumna on 28 May, when he was severely wounded. See London Gazette #22324 pg 4032

HODGE, Samuel,  Private (later Lance-Corporal), 4th West India Regiment. Date of Gazette:- 4 Jan 1867. Place of Birth:- Tortola, Virgin Islands, West Indies. Date of Birth:- ?1840. Place of Death:-  Belize, Honduras. Date of Death:- 14 Jan 1868. Account of Deed:-   On 30 Jun 1866 at Tubabecelong, near the River Gambia, West Africa, at the storming and capture of the stockaded town, Private Hodge and another man, who was afterwards killed, volunteered to hew down the stockade. After the colonel had effected an entrance Private Hodge followed him through the town, opening with his axe two barricaded gates and so allowing the support troops to enter. On reaching the other side of the town Private Hodge was acclaimed as the bravest man in the regiment, but he was very severely wounded. See London Gazette #23205 pg 84

CHASE, William St. Lucien, Lieutenant (later Colonel), 28th Native Infantry, Indian Army. Other Decorations:-  CB Date of Gazette:- 7 Oct 1881. Place of Birth:- St Lucia, West Indies. Date of Birth:- 2 Jul 1856. Place of Death:- Quetta, Baluchistan. Date of Death:- 24 Jun 1908. Account of Deed:-  On 16 Aug 1880 at Deh Khoja, near Kandahar, (Afghan War), Lieutenant Chase with the help of a private (ASHFORD, T) rescued and carried for a distance of over 200 yards under the fire of the enemy, a wounded soldier who had taken shelter in a block house. Several times they were compelled to rest, but they persevered and finally brought the wounded man to a place of safety. See London Gazette #25023 pg 4990

GORDON, William James, Lance Corporal (later Sergeant), West India Regiment. Date of Gazette:- 9 Dec 1892. Place of Birth:-  Jamaica, West Indies. Date of Birth:- 19 May 1864. Place of Death:- Jamaica, West Indies. Date of Death:- 15 Aug 1922. Account of Deed:-  On 13 Mar 1892 at Toniataba, West Africa, the major who was in command of the troops was superintending a party of 12 men who were trying, with a heavy beam, to break down the south gate of the town. Suddenly a number of musket-muzzles appeared through a double row of loopholes, some of them being only two or three yards from the major's back and before he realised what had happened, Lance Corporal Gordon threw himself between the major and the muskets, pushing that officer out of the way. At the same moment the NCO was shot through the lungs. See London Gazette #26352 pg 7217

BEHARRY, Johnson Gideon, Private (later Lance-Corporal), The Princess of Wale's Royal Regiment. Date of Gazette:- 18 Mar 2005. Place of Birth:- Grenada, West Indies. Date of Birth:- 26 Jul 1979. Account of Deed:- See London Gazette #57587 pg 3369, pg 3370 .

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