Construction of the tracking station at Chaguaramas, Trinidad began in 1958, with the access road to the site completed in the 1st quarter of 1958. By May, equipment and materials began to arrive. The buildings were completed and ready for occupancy in October

The First operation of the radar was conducted on 23 February 1959 when Sputnik III was tracked.

The first missile, a Jupiter launched from Cape Carnaveral, was tracked on May 6.

1960 saw the first intercontinental transmission of radio signals via    Echo I made.

Photo above shows the scanner 165ft x 300 and 85ft tracker.

Below, starting from Left to Right and Top to Bottom: Scanner, Scanner & tracker, Control Room, Control Room, RF Control Room, Data/Receiver Room, 10MW RCA Transmitter and 2.5M Continental Transmitter


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