The Trinidad Contingents

During WW1 there were three distinct groups of Trinidad & Tobago Volunteers for the Armed Forces: those who made their own way (to France, England, Canada & the USA) from Trinidad; The Merchants & Planters Contingents and The Public Contingents for the British West Indies Regiment (some later transferred to regular Units of the British Army).

Silver War Badges were presented to 56 NCO's & men of the B.W.I.R.  at the Queen's Park Savannah, Trinidad on Saturday 19th October 1918, by the Commandant of the Local Forces, the Hon. Colonel G.H. May, V.D. (in the unavoidable absence of His excellency the Governor and Commander-in-Chief). Two of their number died about a fortnight before the presentation.

The following lists have been scanned from The Franklin Yearbook of 1919. Entries in this colour are additional data found elsewhere within Franklins:

Those who made their own Way (Under construction)

The Merchants & Planters Contingents 276 men (Under construction)

          1st Merchants Contingent (113 men)

           2nd Merchants Contingent (69 men)

           3rd Merchants Contingent (4 men)

            Alphabetical Listing of al  17 Merchant Contingents

The Public Contingents 1,479 men (For the BWIR)

          First Trinidad Contingent

          Second Trinidad Contingent

          Third Trinidad Contingent

          Fourth Trinidad Contingent

          Fifth Trinidad Contingent

          Alphabetical Listing of all 5 Trinidad Contingents


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